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Facts by the World Health Organization

• Chronic diseases and cancer diseases are continuing growing

• Germany – one in four people dying of cancer

• Cancer is the second leading cause of death (behind cardiovascular diseases)

Year of world Statistics New Cancer Cases Deceased individuals
2008 12.7 Million 7.6 Million
2012 14.1 Million 8.2 Million

Source: WHO 2012


The Facts by Cancer Register NRW

• The more precisely you know the primary tumor, the better you can deal with

• The earlier the cancer is detected, the greater the chances of survival.

Stage Average 5 Year Survival Rate In Percentage
Stage I 98
Stage II A 93
Stage II B 82
Stage III 64
Stage IV 23

Source: Epidemiologisches Krebsregister NRW/ DE –Jahr 2000-2004

The Facts

  • The health insurance companies have to decrease the treatment costs
  • Today the patients are more informed about complex interplays and symptoms via the internet. They arebecoming more impatient and want to have faster and more precise results
  • The Doctors always intend to make a very good job but getting more and more under pressure:
    • The patient wants to become healthy faster
    • The health insurance companies want to reduce their costs
    • The medical institutions have to become more economically  efficient

The Advantages

  • Accuracy of more than 95% without tissue samples ot the tumor
  • Preventing of cancer spread – no biopsy
  • Simple to handle and relatively cost-effective test
  • Fast results within 48 hours
  • Innovative Method, not comparable to the current market
  • Opportunity of focused and detailed clarification
  • Absolute painless examination
  • Easy to handle and to use for medical centers,laboratories, clinics and sanatoriums

The Result – detailed PDF report

  • accuracy:
    • • 50-60% with breast cancer, leukemia and skin cancer (e.g. melanoma, basalioma)
    • • 90-95% with all other cancersContaining following data:
  • New growth
  • Malignant or benign
  • Term on ICD-10
  • Precise position
  • Stage of cancer
  • Metastasis
  • Accompanying diseases
  • Tendency
  • Suggestions and time frame for the exact medical clarification

Capabilities of the new way of Cancer Diagnostic:

  • Recognizing cancer at its early stage
  • Determine tendencies before origin or the detection by MRT
  • Localizing point of origin (primary tumor)
  • Identify the stage
  • Determining its size and possible spread
  • Identifying further accompanying diseases

The Methodology

  • Definition of cancer via DNA – or saliva sample in the mouth mucosa
  • Cytomorphologic examination of the cell parameter and their combinations (cell shape, cell nucleus, electric charge cell nucleus, condition of the membranes etc.)
  • Recommended time between the tests: 6 months (if possible different periods, as recommended in each test result)


  • Smear of the mouth mucosa
  • Reading the sample by means of biological microscopes
  • Preparing the sample in the SWISS-MEDISCAN system
  • Computer based analysis in the SWISS_MEDISCAN Lab during 48h

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